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Design WG

DNThe Design WG has the responsibility to:

  • Manage the Corporate Identity: that means to constantly update EUROAVIA image;
  • Design brochures: These documents are delivered to companies for presenting our association and the opportunities we can offer. Thus, they must be professional dossiers that need to be always updated and improved.
  • Design of promotional material & commercials: both for increasing the visibility of EUROAVIA among external partners and our own members, we shall need promotional material that will be handled to them. At the same time, the development of a EUROAVIA commercial can be really useful for our social media, for crowdfunding campaigns or for physical presentations during the open days at our associated universities or in front of companies.
  • Management of the Website Design: The Website needs always to be accessible, clear and professional. This WG is responsible for analysing its appearance and developing changes if necessary.
  • Design of Merchandise: every international event should have a special Merchandise item as well as for special occasions like Christmas. The design team will be in charge of developing these items;
  • Develop the EUROAVIA Webshop project: as a continuity of the previous point, there will be an online platform where the EUROAVIA Merchandise will be sold so that anyone can access it;
  • Adapt the ticketing system developed by the IT WG for a better management of the requests.

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In EUROAVIA we believe in the European spirit of friendship and collaboration. We cultivate a truly international atmosphere across our Association, and we value the diversity and the passion of our members as our greatest resources.

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