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Statutes & Bylaws

SBThe task of the Statutes and Bylaws Working Group is to make sure that the official Statutes and Bylaws of EUROAVIA are up to date and adequately meet the contemporary needs of the association, to help finance EUROAVIA activities and structural costs through active use of the European Commission funding platform, and to keep up to date on opportunities and due procedure for European Funds by:

  1. Coordinating the preparation of proposals for amending EUROAVIA Statutes and Bylaws and distributing them to all (Prospective) Affiliated Societies/ (Prospective) Adjunct Members in due time before a Congress;
  2. Renewing the agreements between EUROAVIA and foundations linked to EUROAVIA while observing compliance with EUROAVIA interests;
  3. Assisting the International Board in negotiating with new partners for collaborations;
  4. Sharing, with the International Board, the task of preparing and reviewing the necessary documents before the final agreement with the prospective partner;
  5. Ensuring new agreements are complying with EUROAVIA interests;
  6. Actively communicating with collaborating/partner entities in the gathering of European Grants information;
  7. Increasing EUROAVIA’s understanding of European Grants mechanisms, opportunities and due procedures;
  8. Submitting applications for structural costs financing through European Grants.

The Statutes & Bylaws WG can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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In EUROAVIA we believe in the European spirit of friendship and collaboration. We cultivate a truly international atmosphere across our Association, and we value the diversity and the passion of our members as our greatest resources.

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