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International Events

EUROAVIA organizes speacial conferences/events for their members all around the world. Any member of any Affiliated Society can attend those events,  and they help to enhance the bonds between  members all across the world.

International Events Information

There are various types of International Events organised by EUROAVIA. Below you can find out information about each of them:

  • There are two congresses of EUROAVIA organized every year. Their aim is to provide the discussion atmosphere where the main decision taking body can prepare the future of our Association. While during the AMEAC (Annual Meeting of the EUROAVIA Congress) the plans for the next business year are presented and the goals are set, during the EMEAC (Electoral Meeting of the EUROAVIA Congress) the future representatives are elected. Both congresses include AS reports to keep the information flow, Open Space Sessions which allow the merge of different ideas and new solutions to existing problems and working group reports and workshop which will narrow the relations between members and WGs. The IE WG gives great importance to the organization of these events since they are the structural backbone of EUROAVIA.
  • The ACC is one of the events of EUROAVIA that attracts engineering students by giving them the opportunity to improve their technical skills. Students from all over the world work on designing an aircraft to accomplish a determined task, build the aircraft by following the rules and perform their flight during the competition. It is an exclusive opportunity for EUROAVIA to be promoted externally since there are a lot of participants which could be interested in joining our network. In order to take more advantage of this, the DIB together with the International Events Working Group will assure the success of this event which will take place in summer 2017 in Zagreb. The Designated International Board believes in the organization capabilities of Zagreb and active communication is tried to be established with them. However, if the organizing team states they will not be able to host this big event or if other problems arise (e.g communication problems), the IB may also consider other AS and contact them to become the host of the ACC 2017.
  • Fly-Ins are the non-technical events of EUROAVIA. During these events, people from different local groups come together and share their spirit and culture with each other in a very energetic atmosphere. The host AS introduce both their city/university by trips and the Aerospace culture of the city by company visits. The IE WG will continue supporting local groups to organize Fly-Ins and to spread the EUROAVIA spirit even more.
  • Symposia are technical events where EUROAVIAns come together to follow a series of lectures about a certain topic. The local groups contact experts and provide the participants with information in a broad range of fields. In addition to this, there are also cultural activities such as city tours or university tours included. The strategies followed during the last business year accomplished the aim to increase the number of symposia being organized. The IE WG will continue to encourage local groups to organize these events since they are broadening the technical horizon of EUROAVIA members.
  • The Train-New-Trainers is a genuine EUROAVIA project which aims to implement the Internal Training System of EUROAVIA. It is the product of the Innovation and Development WG and the IE WG will support the organization of the event.
  • The Formation Workshop is EUROAVIA’s internal training event with the main goal to increase the quality of EUROAVIAn operations. The Formation Workshop shall take place in the first half of every business year and is exclusively for EUROAVIA members.

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In EUROAVIA we believe in the European spirit of friendship and collaboration. We cultivate a truly international atmosphere across our Association, and we value the diversity and the passion of our members as our greatest resources.

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