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How to Edit Information about your AS/WG on this Website

We are very glad to announce that we have created accounts for all AS and WGs to edit their own pages on the EUROAVIA website.
To edit your EUROAVIA website AS page you must follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the euroavia.eu website;
  2. Go to "AS / WG Login" button on top-left corner;
  3. Login with your credentials provided by the IT WG
  4. Go the page that you can edit
  5. Notice that on the top-right of the article there is an Edit button. Click on it.
  6. Now you have open the editor for your AS page. Time to edit! Go to the 'Content' tab of the editor
  7. This opens a visual editor for the page that is not hard to use. However, if you want to edit the HTML code, click on the ⏻ (power symbol) at the top-left of editor. You can also check the Preview mode, but sometimes has errors
  8. If you need to add an image, please add it to the 'AS_images' folder in the media section and not in the root folder. Thank you.
  9. For adding your own AS logo in the page, you can find it in the 'AS-AM_Logos' folder in the images section. You can delete the default EA logo if you want.
    Please do not delete or edit anything else in the media section.
  10. Now do your changes. We recommend you to use 'justify' as text-alignment settings. Press 'Save' to save your changes and Logout

This is all you need to do. However, if you have any issues or questions or something is not working well please fill a ticket to the IT WG at helpdesk.euroavia.eu
Good luck with your AS page edit!

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