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AIRBUS Sloshing Rocket Workshop Final - Terrassa 2020

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From the 17th to the 23rd of July, AS Terrassa had the opportunity to host the AIRBUS Sloshing Rocket Workshop, where 3 different teams from AS Beograd, AS Forlì-Bologna and AS Zagreb reached the final phase of the competition. As hosts, we were very excited to organise this event in presence after these rough years for EUROAVIA’s International Events.

On Sunday the 17th all the participants arrived and checked-in at a very nice shelter in Terrassa. The competition officially started on Monday morning when they had the presentation of the event at our university. We explained the schedule for the five days of competition and showed them the different spaces where they were going to work, all of which were rooms at our university and two workshops to work with more specialized tools.

The three different groups were distributed among the students that were volunteering during the event to help the organisation and be with the participants to solve all their doubts and needs. Once everything was explained, they went to the rooms and started working on their rockets. Every team had their own room so they could work separately from the others.


On Tuesday morning, the teams returned to the venue to keep working on their rockets. After having dinner, the afternoon was distributed in three different spots where each group had the opportunity to go to an aeronautic club in Terrassa to launch their rocket. This club has a great amount of flat land with runways designed for aeromodelling use. To get to the launch site each volunteer guided their team through the bus system of Terrassa. They also were able to do some testing at the university area.


The next day, Wednesday the 20th, the participants had breakfast and then went to visit different places around Terrassa. They started with a visit to Masia Freixa, a building from 1905 built by the famous Catalan architect Lluís Muncunill I Parellada. After, they went to see the mNACTEC, an old textile industry building designed by the same architect which has since been turned into the Catalan National Museum of Science and Technique. During this tour they were able to see the industry of the early twentieth century as well as the different architectonic Catalan designs.

After an entertaining morning it was time to work, so once the participants returned from the shelter having had lunch, they kept working on their rockets. During the afternoon they also had the chance to launch their rockets so they could see if they were doing a good job. However, all the afternoon wasn’t about work, and after hours of hard work and once they had dinner, all the participants went to see the Terrassa Minyons training, which is a cultural Catalan tradition where the people climb through each other to make a human tower. In Catalunya, it is known as “castellers”.

Thursday was all about testing and preparing the final design for the rockets, as only one day was left for the final competition! During the day the different teams launched their rockets to make the last tests. Not only did they have to test that everything was okay, but also had to make a presentation to explain to the judges the design of their rocket and why they decided to make it that way. After a day of really hard work, they went to the shelter to get some rest and prepare for the big day.

Once Friday started, they went to the university and made their presentation to the three judges. All the three groups made amazing presentations and showed everybody all the hard work they had done during all the days of the competition.


Once the presentations were made, the teams had done half of the work. They went to the shelter to get lunch and prepare everything they needed to go to the aeronautic club and launch their rockets. During this period the judges also had time to discuss and talk about the three presentations they had seen during the morning.

After lunch, all the participants, the volunteers and the judges went to the aeronautic club where the final competition took place. All the participants were nervous and excited to get to the final, as in just a few hours they would know who was the winner of the competition that started months ago. After the three teams launched their rockets, the competition arrived to an end. Following a break to discuss, the judges arrived to a final winner. The winner of the ASRW was the Serbian team, Beoavia!


After all the stressful but fulfilling days, everyone went to the shelter to get ready for the final dinner, where all the participants had the opportunity to share different stories and opinions about the event. A delicious Catalan dinner was served and a lot of funny moments were shared.

We would like to thank all participants to share this marvellous event with us and hope to see you all around Europe!

We also want to thank to all the supporters who made this event possible:

Picture6Ajuntament de Terrassa for organizing the visit to the Masia Freixa, mNACTEC and the Minyon’s training.

Picture7Transports municipals d’Egara for giving us the tickets for the transport.

Picture8 Institut d’Estudis Espacials de Catalunya for the financial support.

Picture9Federació Aèria and Picture10 Club Aeronàutic EGARA for the launching site of the rockets.

Picture11Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya for the facilities.

 AS Terrassa

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