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AMEAC & ExMEAC Napoli 2022

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Hello, hello, fellow EUROAVIAns! Today we are here to celebrate the remarkable event AS Napoli had the pleasure to host at the beginning of this spooky month: the AMEAC 2022!


From the 1st to the 8th of October, many of you visited us in our beautiful and colorful city of Naples to attend not one but two Congresses! In fact, during the first weekend of the month, we hosted the ExMEAC, an extraordinary Congress that took place in one of the most iconic science museums of our city: Città della Scienza. Then, for the entire length of the event, our participants became full-fledged Neapolitan engineering students attending our own EUROAVIAn courses at the University Federico II of Naples!

We are beyond honored and grateful for being able to realize an event as crucial as this, where we had the pleasure of hosting people from many countries all over the world, such as France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Serbia, Croatia, Germany, Romania, Turkey, and even Egypt. All of them came together to make salient decisions regarding the future of our Association and made us realize the true extent of EUROAVIA International!


All of this would not have been possible without the dedication shown by our staff, members, volunteers, participants, and, of course, our sponsors that supported this project since the very beginning:  ALTEN Italia, Planetek Italia, Novotech Aerospace Advanced Technology Srl, Campania Aerospace Technological District - DAC, MES Group, Protom, Co.Ri.S.T.A., and TopView S.r.l.


During our Sponsor Day, on the 5th of October, this business reality met the academic one to fulfill the mission that EUROAVIA Napoli brings forward since day one: being the bridge that connects students and companies to prepare the engineers of tomorrow. It began with Institutional Greetings from the Scuola Politecnica delle Scienze di Base, the Campania Region, and the Department of Industrial Engineering. The first to present their companies and activities to our participants was Planetek Italia, which cast an eye to the future dealing with space missions. Then we had Novotech Aerospace Advanced Technology Srl, which showed us many groundbreaking projects, such as the SEAGULL Aircraft. To follow, another presentation was held by ALTEN Italia, which operates as a technology consulting and engineering company worldwide.

The Campania Aerospace Technological District – DAC is the symbol of collaboration between research centers, universities, and firms in the Campania region, all related to many aerospace sectors: General Aviation, Commercial Aviation, Space and Carriers, and Maintenance and Transformation. Next up was MES Group, "friends" with EUROAVIA Napoli for a very long time, which showed our participants the great opportunities for professional growth that they offer through their training courses. Lastly, we heard the presentations of Protom, the first Italian Knowledge & Technology Intensive Company, and Co.Ri.S.T.A., who concluded this Sponsor Day by presenting their reality and research projects.

Let us thank all these realities again for making this event possible! We also wanted to make a special mention to Leonardo and TopView S.r.l. for being present during the event and supporting our ideals!

But among the seriousness of the Congress and the professionality of the Sponsor Day, we also had our fun! One of the most amusing experiences that we had was the City Tour: together with our experienced guide, we showed our participants around the city through legends and curiosities! We started from Via Toledo, visited one of the oldest banks in all Campania and the Quartieri Spagnoli (Spanish Neighborhoods), and many iconic points of interest you can not miss if you are visiting Naples: Galleria Umberto I, San Carlo Theater, Castel Nuovo, better known as Maschio Angioino, and the Royal Palace, with its famous staircase. Then we continued from Piazza del Plebiscito, where our participants challenged themselves with some ancient traditions. In the past, they used to say that whoever manages to cross the square blindfolded staying at the middle would be the next King of Naples - some of them even succeeded! And to conclude our beautiful city tour, we hade to take a stroll on the Lungomare and, lastly, see the captivating Castel Dell'Ovo at night. 


AS Napoli could not be more proud of how it all turned out: it was everything we expected and more. Events like this really do open your eyes to a new world of opportunities, and we are proud to start a new chapter of our Association here in Naples.


See you around Europe! (Ce verimm!)

Until next time,

AS Napoli


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