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AS Napoli Monthly Report - November 2022

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Hello, fellow EUROAVIAns!
We are finally back in full power: now that the AMEAC chapter is officially over, we cannot wait for the beginning of many others! 

This month was an important one - we got to meet so many people and share with them all our EUROAVIAn spirit in the best way possible, so we could establish new connections and make room for a new world of opportunities! 

First things first, we were hosted at “Città della Scienza”, a renowned Neapolitan science museum, where we celebrated many aerospace realities, companies, and start-ups of our Region. Here, in front of a varied audience, we had the pleasure of presenting our Association, our mission, and all the objectives we aspire to reach every day. In particular, we wrote a salient page of our AS by signing an agreement with the Aerospace District of Campania; thanks to events like this, we can take an active part in the future of the Aerospace sector by entering the District and weaving a solid network day by day. Thus, we can all walk together on the path that will lead us to innovation!


However, that was not the only chance to present ourselves we had this month: two members of our Local Board represented AS Napoli in the Job Meeting, an event dedicated to graduated students longing to start their careers. We had the incredible opportunity of speaking in a Seminar focused on the different possibilities that the new technologies can offer, and our particular topic was, of course, Aerospace!
Our Executive Member and International Contact Member started from the beginning of the history of Aerospace, paying particular attention to the consequences of our actions and the repercussions on our environment. Is there a way to improve this situation? Is a sustainable future possible?

We explored this and many other questions, also thanks to the participation of Leonardo, one of the most important Italian and multinational companies specializing in Aerospace, defence, and security. It was an honour to be side by side with such chief establishments in the industry and with some other associations of our University!

Lastly, at the end of the month, we had the return of one of the most loved formats in our AS: the Company Visits! After many twists and turns, torrential rain, and wandering participants, on the 26th of November we visited the Tecnam Aircraft, an Italian aeronautics manufacturer founded in 1986 by the Pascale brothers. We started from their historical Museum, where we learned how it all started, and we saw some of their most important models. Then, we had the chance to visit their hangars, where we saw first-hand all the processes they use to realize the components of their range of light aircraft, from manufacturing, to assembling and testing. Every step of the way, we were accompanied by their hard-working engineers, that answered every question from our participants - an extraordinary opportunity for our members to see how to apply in practice what they are studying!


We cannot wait to see all the upcoming chapters we will write together!

Until next time,

AS Napoli

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