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AS Sevilla Report of December 2022

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Hello EUROAVIAns! Here you have a summary of some events that took place in the first part of the academic year.

The first one was the BBQ gathering. It is great for new students, as it makes it easy for them to meet more experienced ones in a social environment. As for the older ones, they get to catch up on what their colleagues have been doing in summer. Although we like to call it a barbeque gathering, there’s actually no barbeque as per local regulations but there were lots of food cooked and bought by the Local Board and some friends who wanted to help. 

The day of the BBQ, people started arriving at our designated location, a park in the outskirts of Sevilla, around noon and from outset there was a really friendly atmosphere. There were tables set up with food and drinks, we had our own music and even one of our members had brought their own guitar with them and everyone started singing along. There were also a couple of members decorating people’s faces with makeup. 

As it always happens in this kind of situations, time went by without we even noticing; soon the time to leave arrived. We made sure we had not littered our surroundings and continued the party and kept chanting on our way home.

 Photo BBQ   Photo LB BBQ

The first visit of our AS was to Tablada’s Air Headquarters. Established as one of the main air bases of the Spanish Army back in 1920s, nowadays it is used as headquarters for storage, repairing and maintenance of diverse parts of the military aircraft. 

The first stop was the building where they kept the engines to be revised. The mechanics explained the different situations that could lead to a motor revision and the students could look around the workshop, learning about multiple engines.

After that, the Colonel of the base gave an introductory talk about the history of the base and the tasks carried out there. The base does a lot of administrative work for the army too, as well as some air patrol.

Then, the group was moved to the museum, where they had reconstructed the different phases which the base had experimented throughout its existence and how it had changed according to its function. For example, during Spanish Civil War, the base was used to transport the Nationalist army from Africa to the peninsula, and also it is explained transcendental flights of the base, such as the one of the plane Cuatro Vientos

At the end, the students could take a view of the test bench before leaving. In it, the engines are tested to check if the motor is suitable to be used again. The visit finished taking this group picture.

Another visit was to the National Particle Accelerator Centre (CNA), our own little CERN. There are different types of accelerators there, including a cyclotron and a Tandem accelerator, and it is both a research laboratory and a healthcare provider. This is because specific isotopes are required for the detection and treatment of some kinds of cancer. 

After that, the students were guided to a control room from where experiments are controlled and then to the room where these experiments are carried out. This specific part is dedicated to testing the tolerance of electronic equipment to being irradiated, like satellite components or others. Something to notice is that the walls are several meters thick in certain places near these accelerators to prevent radiation from escaping the rooms. 

Finally, the attendees were taken to the Tandem accelerator, which is enormous. With it, workers can extract a particle beam and hit whatever target they want to test. The source of isotopes is located at the end of the accelerator and unwanted isotopes are discarded with a magnetic field, using the same working principles as a mass spectrometer.
Photo CNA

We also delivered a LaTeX workshop and a roundtable with some members of Working Groups and the International Board. We are looking forward to telling you about other events that we have organised in our next contributions to the EUROAVIA Newsletter.

See you around Europe!

Communication Department of AS Sevilla

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