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EUROAVIA Germany event 2022

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From November 18th to 20th, 2022, AS Aachen hosted the second EUROAVIA Germany Event.

The history of its creation

In 2021, all EUROAVIA AS within Germany agreed to join forces in order to be able to organize events and activities in the future. For this purpose, an event was proposed where each local board of a German AS meets once a year. This event will be held on a weekend to ensure the availability of AS Members and the program can be freely chosen by the host AS. The focus is on exploration of the host city and team building.

The first EUROAVIA Germany Event was hosted by AS Bremen in 2021 and brought a special tradition to life. Each AS must submit a video that competes with the videos of other AS. The content of these videos is based on the challenge proposed by the host AS and will be evaluated by all participating local groups. Last year’s topic was to show why your city is the best, while the camera should be at least 2 meters above the ground. In the end, the winning team, AS Dresden, not only won the EUROAVIA Germany trophy, but also the right to decide, which AS has to host the EUROAVIA Germany event in 2022. Dresden chose Aachen to host the 2nd EUROAVIA GERMANY Event.

The Event

One month prior to the event, Aachen announced the challenge of 2022 which was: ”Tell us, what makes your city unique! What special aerospace traits does your city have?” The AS had to submit a 3-minute video that should answer these questions the best way possible.

On Friday, which was scheduled as the day of arrival, the local groups travelled to Aachen by train and car. Later that evening, we had a reservation to eat together at a restaurant and socialize with the AS members. After dinner, we went to AS Aachen’s favorite bar where we had some drinks together and enjoyed the rest of the evening.


Early, at 8:30 am on Saturday we prepared breakfast for our guests in the hostel’s lounge. After finishing the breakfast and giving our guests some time to settle, we started our city tour through Aachen at 10:30 am at the beautiful Kapuzinerkarree. From there we made our way, filled with facts and stories, to Elisenbrunnen. The place that the nobles and rich traveled and drank from its excellent water. Today a famous tourist attraction due to its beautiful architecture and the thermal springs underneath it which cause the fountain water to smell like sulfur and be over 50 degrees hot.

The tour continued through the city with the Aachen Cathedral, the Cathedral Treasury, which was one of the "Instagram spots", the City Hall and the Emperor Karl Fountain. Further north in the city we reached the university campus where we first visited the historic "Kármán Auditorium", the main university building and the Super C, a futuristic C-shaped university building that is half underground. They also had the opportunity to visit the CARL auditorium building, which is one of the largest auditorium buildings in Europe with a capacity of 4000 students. At CARL, our guests were informed about the second campus in Aachen, which was not on the list of the city tour due to time constraints.

On the last leg of the city tour, we told the old story of the Lousberg (A hill in the north of Aachen), which could be seen in the distance, and went together to the Lindt chocolate factory, as the guests kept asking us during the city tour why the city smelled like chocolate. After visiting the chocolate factory outlet, we drove back to the hostel with the guests, stopping for lunch on the way.

Our guests had some time to rest at the hostel before the next part of the day’s program began. We drove together to Aachen Merzbrück Airport, where participants had the opportunity to "fly" in the A320 simulator and have their flying skills evaluated by experts. Teams of two got into the simulator while the rest participated in an Aerospace Trivia we had prepared. In the end the points of the Aerospace Trivia and the flight grading were added up, where AS Stuttgart was victorious with a suspicious, unmatched precision in guessing questions.


After returning from the airport, our guests had a short rest before the Cultural Night started at a location near the campus. Compared to the international Cultural Night in EUROAVIA, the Cultural Night in Germany consists of the video presentations of the challenges, the announcement of the winner of the challenge and a traditional Cultural Night at the end. At the venue, we first had a buffet where we ate dinner together before starting the video presentations. The presentation ended with each AS evaluating the other AS on various criteria, which were later handed out to tally up and announce the winner.

This year's winner was the AS Dresden, Bremen came in 2nd, Aachen 3rd, Stuttgart 4th, Braunschweig 5th and Munich 6th. Following the award ceremony, the “Kulturnacht” traditionally began.


On Sunday, there was again a joint breakfast followed by a discussion about cooperation at events in 2023. In addition, AS Dresden announced that As Stuttgart will host the EUROAVIA Germany event in 2023. Since Sunday was scheduled as the departure day, most participants left at lunchtime. For those who did not leave until the evening, we took another short tour up Lousberg in Aachen.

All in all, we are looking forward to going to Stuttgart next year!

AS Aachen

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