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Hot Wings-2 Symposium

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We had the pleasure of hosting 13 students from the EUROAVIA network for a week as part of the Hot Wings Symposium 2. We enjoyed spending time together seeing the beauty of Kocaeli, participating in lectures, visiting great companies, and making new friends.

On Sunday, May 22nd all participants arrived, and they were welcomed by us at the airport throughout the day. Our guests checked in at Tuzla Town Hotel and we took a short walk on the beach in front of the hotel. Afterwards, we went to our campus and had the opportunity to meet each other and drink Turkish tea in the garden. Later the welcome dinner at our school, we went to the pub and ended the day in a fun way.

We started the second day by having breakfast at the hotel and heading to school for the first symposium. We attended the symposium on Aerodynamics presented by Prof. İlyas Kandemir.

After the lunch and coffee break, the second symposium was Space Mining presented by Nazlı Can.

 Then we played a treasure hunt with 3 duties on campus.


Pavi, one of the participants, organized a soft-skill workshop for us.


For dinner we had a barbecue with hot wings, which gave our event its name. Afterwards, we got away from the exhaustion of the day by dancing to the fun songs of each other's culture in a pub in Tuzla.

The first stop of the third day was a tour to the GE Aviation facilities, which got us very excited. They welcomed us with plenty of treats and coffee. GE Aviation engineers gave us very instructive information about their work. They talked about LEAP Engines and efficiency change in short distance and long distance. In the workshop, they showed us the metal 3D printers and explained the working principle.

After a pleasant lunch was prepared for us at GE Aviation, we set off for the school for the symposium. The third symposium was Gas Turbines presented by Erinç Erdem who works at TEI-TUSAŞ Engine Industries as a principal engineer.

After a coffee break where we chatted in our campus garden, we went to our committee's lab for a fun assignment. One of our members Yahya and the secretary of AS Kocaeli, Dilara, organized a training about parachutes for us.

And let the chicken drop begin! In this difficult challenge, 5 teams tried to beat each other. Parachutes were made, the eggs were positioned in the parachutes, the parachutes were placed on the drones, and the parachutes were released from a height of 60 meters. Rest in peace broken eggs! Then an egg-free dinner awaited us in the campus cafeteria because we were out of stock.


Afterwards we went to the hotel to prepare for the spirits night event. It was full of fun spirits night where guests brought and introduced drinks and snacks from their home countries, played games and challenged each other. We fondly remember the many new tastes and traditions we were able to experience.

We started our last day with breakfast at the hotel. What a beautiful weather for a city tour! To reach the first stop of our city tour, we first took a short train ride. Then we took a short walk in Üsküdar Square.

We took a ferry from Üsküdar to Eminönü with a magnificent Bosphorus view. We saw the Maiden's Tower during the ferry trip and our guide told us the legendary story of the Maiden's Tower.

After a short walk in Eminönü square, we reached the Spice Bazaar. In this bazaar, where thousands of spices, soaps, sweets and Turkish delights greeted us, many different colours, smells and flavours fascinated us!

After filling up with plenty of sweets, we went to our next stop, Hagia Sophia. We reached the importance, history and information about this structure, which was built as Megala Ekklesia, thanks to our guide. This structure, which has stood for about 1500 years, fascinated us with its magnificence.

Afterwards, we had the opportunity to explore Sultanahmet Square and have some rest and lunch. Ice cream would be delightful after that! When we went to buy some ice cream, the ice cream shop gave us a funny show with the traditional ice cream joke, and we tried to catch the ice cream.

After this beautiful city tour, we returned to the hotel for final dinner preparations. We all looked pretty stylish in our formal attire. Our dinner in Ataşehir had very important elements from Turkish cuisine. Kebab, stuffed meatballs, raw meatballs, appetizers, rice pudding and more than these... We said goodbye to each other and took lots of pictures, remembering our good memories with each other.

We would like to thank all participants who have visited our city. We hope you have arrived well back in your AS and spread the EUROAVIA spirit around Europe.

Special thanks to all our supporters:

 Picture17 Thanks to GE Aviation and Ms. İlke for opening their doors to us.

Picture18 Thanks to Aktif Neser Electronic and Ms. Çise for their support of our event.

  Picture19 Thanks to Promax Machinery and Mr. Mustafa for their support of our event.

Picture20 Thanks to Fly Bvlos Technology and Ms. Emine for their support of our barbecue party.

In conclusion, we can only thank and say to all involved:

See you around Europe!

AS Kocaeli

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