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Preparation for the SAE Aero Design 2023 competition – AS Rzeszow

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Back in September 2022, our team analyzed the SAE Aero Design competition rules and came up with a general concept of an UAV. Due to aerodynamics laws, we chose the best option which was flying wing configuration. Afterwards, we performed the aerodynamics analysis which gave our unmanned aircraft its final shape. Simultaneously, we did some research about electric engines and other components. We were trained and improved our model-making skills.

Photo by EUROAVIA member: Resistance wire cutting station

We divided our workshop into different station, depending on the stage of the construction of our UAV. For example, we have resistance wire cutting station, where we can easily create fuselage and wing elements by simply screwing the airfoil templates to the polystyrene foam and cut out the excessive material. It’s the simplest and fastest method for making parts to the prototype.

Photo by EUROAVIA member: Prototype

We have already tested our prototype and we are happy to announce that our calculations and predictions have proven themselves.

Photo by EUROAVIA memeber: First test flight

Currently we are preparing our final model, which is made from carbon fiber. Our team leader, Magdalena Kobrzyńska and our team pilot Sebastian Florek are guiding the work with composites. We are also preparing a technical design report, which will consist of all the steps of our work. This is a great part of the final competition score. The competition will take place in Fort Worth, Texas, USA between 14-16 April.

Photo by EUROAVIA member: Preparing forms for target plane

AS Rzeszow


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