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EUROAVIA Training Systems main aim is to deliver soft skills formation to EUROAVIA members. Doing so enabling EUROAVIA member to develop themselves.

The EUROAVIA Training System is currently formed by 35 trainers in 2 Generations who are from 16 different University and 10 different countries. ETS has delivered countless hours of soft skill training all around Europe, including two Formation Workshops and trainings at CVA summer school. It is one of the main assets that our organization has.

The responsibilities of ETS WG are:

  • Scheduling the new training: in order to train as many members as possible, the team should plan according to the activity registered, the future sessions that will take place both inside and outside EUROAVIA’s network so that the tracking can be easily kept;
  • Tracking of the training delivered: all the trainers should have the same opportunities when it comes to delivering their knowledge. This is why a record of all the training performed should be kept;
  • Managing the Trainers Travel Support requests: the IB would like to sustain the ETS so that being a trainer does not turn out to be an expensive task. The WG should be responsible for informing the IB about the future training and their costs;
  • Planning the future Formation Workshops/Train-New-Trainers events: as the system needs to keep growing, new events are needed for potentiating it and gathering new trainers. According to the needs and objectives that the WG establishes, trainers need to decide about these two main events scheduling and preparation;
  • Planning the future of the EUROAVIA Training System: in the same way, the WG needs to prepare a long-term plan for the System in which realistic goals are settled to achieve the continuity of the Training program.

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