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Local Board             
  • President:  Olcay ÖZKAN
  • Organisation Executive: Ayla RASİMGİL
  • Education Executive: Ahmet Gürcan PEHLİVANOĞLU
  • Treasurer: Ömer Faruk ONUR 
  • Communication and Human Resources: Ömer Faruk KÖKLÜKAYA
  • International Contact Member: Barış ÖZGÖRGEN


University:  Middle East Technical University
EUROAVIA member since:   October, 2002
Website:  http://hut.metu.edu.tr
Address:  Middle East Technical University, Aerospace Engineering Department, Room: 002, 06531, Çankaya, Ankara/Turkey
About the Local Group:

Middle East Technical University - Aviation and Space Society (HUT) is a student community established within METU Aerospace Engineering Department in order to operate in the amateur, scientific and industrial fields of aviation and space sciences. It is one of the pioneering and exemplary aviation communities in Turkey.

The community members are from different departments, including, but are not limited to, Aerospace Engineering, Electrical - Electronics Engineering , Chemical Engineering, and Physics.

About the University / Faculty:

Middle East Technical University (METU) is founded in 1956 to contribute to the development of Turkey and Middle East countries and especially to train people to create a skilled workforce in the fields of natural and social sciences. METU hosts over 27,000 students from Turkey and 94 different countries, studying toward countless academic degrees.

About the City:  Ankara, capital of Turkey
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