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Expansion unit member at AS WG


Warning: this position is only opened to EUROAVIA members. 


The Affiliated Societies Working Group is the bridge between the existing Affiliated Societies (AS) inside EUROAVIA, as well as between the International Board and each AS. Its work also consists in engaging new AS and ensuring the well-being of the existing ones.


AS WG is looking for a new member for its Expansion unit. Your work will be to be in contact with groups of people willing to become part of EUROAVIA creating new AS. To do so you will guide them through the established process


  • Communication skills.
  • Knowledge of the process to become an AM/AS
  • Knowledge about how a local group (AS) works.


EUROAVIA is the European Association of Aerospace Students, non-political and non-profit, which aims to create a strong network among students, universities, and companies since 1959. EUROAVIA is managed exclusively by students, who volunteer their time to provide EUROAVIA members with the possibility to join activities and projects entirely financed by membership fees, sponsorship and participation fees. EUROAVIA is an international association, represented by more than 2000 students in 39 different universities, where Local Groups manage the local activities. At the international level, the association is run by the International Board and the Working Groups.

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