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How to Join EUROAVIA

EUROAVIA is an international student association with several Local Groups across Europe that work according to the EUROAVIA spirit, a set of common values based upon hard work, innovation, cultural awareness, teamwork and international networking. These local groups are called Affiliated Societies and to become part of EUROAVIA and take advantage of its network you need to become a member of one of them.

"What happens if there is no Affiliated Society in the city where I'm studying?"

It's simple: you can create your own Affiliated Society! If you are already in an existing organisation or you know a group of people who share the same spirit, goals and interests of EUROAVIA, then you should definitely consider joining us.

"Why should some organisation want to join EUROAVIA and establish a new Affiliated Society?"

Because EUROAVIA is a student organisation that unites students who share a passion for aeronautics and space. Joining EUROAVIA you can get in touch with all these students, becoming part of a network that can offer you incomparable advantages and opportunities. You can become an active part of the aerospace world, start shaping the aerospace industry of tomorrow and get in touch with the biggest and most influencing companies in the aerospace market. Joining our events you will have the possibility to acquire extremely useful and practical knowledge, receiving something that your studies will never be able to offer you. And all this, having lots of fun!

"You've got me! How should I join?"

  1. Download and fill in the Motivation Letter. Then, send it to the International Board (IB).
  2. If they respond that you fit in the EUROAVIA spirit, you have become a Possible Prospective Affiliated Society, PPAS, (or Possible Prospective Adjunct Member, PPAM, if you are staying outside of Europe) and the process of joining us has started.
  3. During the upcoming EUROAVIA Congress, you will have the possibility to give a presentation about your group, your university, city and local or national aerospace industry, and explaining the motivations that have brought you to join EUROAVIA.
  4. After your presentation, the Congress will vote to decide if you are the right group to become part of EUROAVIA, and, in case of a favourable outcome, you will become a Prospective Affiliated Society, PAS, (or, again, Possible Adjunct Member, PAM, in case you are staying outside of Europe).

At this stage you have certain obligations to achieve within the timeframe of one year after you became a PAS (or a PAP):

  • You have to legally register your association with your local authorities;
  • You have to stay in contact at least every one or two months with the International Board, updating them about the status or your association and the activities you are organizing;
  • If you are a PAS, you have to organise an international event in cooperation with the International Board and the International Events Working Group;
  • If you are a PAM, you have to successfully complete an interview with the International Board about EUROAVIA and its values.

Throughout this entire process, it is advisable and helpful (and sometimes necessary) to know the internal structure of EUROAVIA and its Statutes and Bylaws. Relevant information can be found on other parts of our website or asking directly to the International Board.

Read more about Statutes and Bylaws

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In EUROAVIA we believe in the European spirit of friendship and collaboration. We cultivate a truly international atmosphere across our Association, and we value the diversity and the passion of our members as our greatest resources.

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