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From Theory to the Skies: EUROAVIA Paris and the BIA Diploma


What do we do at EUROAVIA Paris? We offer a wide range of activities on our Paris campus, but we are particularly proud to be able to train students and our members in aeronautics. That's why EUROAVIA-Paris has been offering BIA (Initiation to Aeronautics Certificate) training courses for all the students of our school, EPF, for several years.


20 Minutes Of Innovation, 6 Μonths Of Preparation

 Gratitude. The feeling that everything worked. That your effort, struggles, discussions, long meetings, and important decisions, all were worth it in the end. The need to fill in the shoes of 7 years’ worth of successful organization of a, by now, annual engineering celebration and the work of a huge team of people, was immense. The day arrived. The day of so many dreams and hopes. 20 Minutes Of Innovation was back.



 From the 6th to the 14th of May AS Pisa hosted the last edition of the ETS TNT – Train New Trainers, an international event that offers to the participants the possibility of becoming part of the ETS (EUROAVIA Training System) WG, the working group inside EUROAVIA that is responsible for organizing soft-skills training events for the members of the association, both at the international level, such as the FoWo, and at the local AS level, providing trainers capable of managing a soft-skills training session in all its aspects.


Astronomic weekend in València

 During the weekend of the 19th to the 21st of May some members of AS València enjoyed a wonderful weekend in a house in the mountains in Utiel, a town which is close to the big city of València. There, we learnt some basic concepts about astronomic observation while having a wonderful time all together.


DLR excursion on the 18.01.23 and 27.01.23 from AS Aachen

 AS Aachen visited the DLR (German aerospace center) in Cologne-Wahn, where the European astronaut training center is located. As a lot of people were interested and the number of people per visit is limited, two trips were organized by a EUROAVIAn who works there. The visits included a guided tour of the astronaut training center and other facilities like the payload operational center.


Are 20 Minutes Enough to Innovate? from AS Patras

 Have you ever taken a step back and wondered…how did we get this far? Items and ideas that we use as vessels to progress our world, used to be marvels of engineering and philosophy themselves. The laptop that this article is written with, for example, contains more than 4000 years of technological evolution. From the discovery of Bronze, used in its hardware, to complicated lines of code in its software, and even, the freedom to use it, our history of evolution is easily spotted in simple everyday items that surround us. Some Ideas take weeks to form, and others even whole centuries. Innovation takes time. So…are 20 minutes even enough?


EMEAC 2023 from AS Bremen

Dear EUROAVIA members,

We are thrilled to share our experience hosting the EMEAC 2023 in the beautiful city of Bremen! From 2nd to 8th of April, we had the pleasure of welcoming EUROAVIA members from all over Europe to attend our congress. It was an amazing opportunity to showcase our city's rich history, culture, and the cutting-edge aerospace industry.

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