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Airbus Group's success and ability to compete in the marketplace of the future is dependent on the talents, motivation and performance of our workforce. That is why we are committed to nurturing our employees full potential and to establishing equal career opportunities.

In addition, we firmly believe that continuing to expand the diversity of our workforce will broaden our expertise and enrich the Airbus Group global community. Our people are the backbone of the company's success and competitiveness.

Airbus Group provides global leadership in aerospace, defence and related services. The Group includes Airbus as the leading global manufacturer of the most innovative commercial and military aircraft, with Airbus Military covering tanker, transport and mission aircraft. Airbus Defense & Space is the European leader in space programmes and the third biggest space provider worldwide, offering ground-breaking civil and military space systems and services that bring benefits on Earth.

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EDUOpinions is an organisation focused on helping students finding the best path for their studies through verified reviews of real students of their universities.

Their mission is to empower students and alumni from all over the world to share their experiences to help others decide.

Visit EDU Opinions website


Wrike is the collaborative work management platform used by the highest performing teams around the world.EDUopinions4

Wrike's platform brings out the best in startup, small, mid-sized and large business teams by providing them with a unique digital workspace with all the tools, features and integrations they need to manage, automate and complete their work on a large scale.

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Aviation Skills Partnership


Aviation Skills Partnership is an independent UK organization dedicated to transforming the approach to aviation skills and creating career pathways at all ages and career stages. Training programmes and degree courses are offered to young generations to make the aviation industry totally accessible to them.

EUROAVIA and ASP had together agreed to collaborate for the benefit of people entering and processing the aviation sector with the signature of a memorandum of Understanding. In this respect, ASP provided EUROAVIA members free access and display space at Helitech International 2016.

EUROAVIA had representation at the "Learning and Skills Zone" where experts provided advice on careers, education and job opportunities. A public speech was given about the Association, highlighting its mission and goals, technical projects and international events, benefits for new partnerships.

Visit Aviation Skills Partnership website



Council of European Aerospace Societies


The Council of European Aerospace Societies (CEAS) is an International non-profit Association, with the aim to develop a framework within which the major Aerospace Societies in Europe can work together. Its main aim is to add value at a European level to the wide range of services provided by the constituent Member Societies, allowing for greater dialogue between the latter and the European institutions, governments, aerospace and defense industries and academia.

The strong long-term collaboration between EUROAVIA and CEAS assures a great exposure toward the huge network of the main aerospace industries and associations. EUROAVIA members can periodically check a list of competitions, internships, job and career opportunities all around Europe on CEAS official website. “The Quarterly Bulletin of the CEAS" is also available there.

Visit CEAS website



The Community of Ariane Cities


The Community of Ariane Cities (CVA) was set up in 1998 as a non-profit association. Its membership comprises cities and urban areas on whose territory firms  are contributing to the development and production of the European launcher family. As industrial partners, these firms are likewise CVA members. One outstanding example of this in Germany is Bremen and the firm Astrium, which produces the Ariane 5 upper stage in that city.

The CVA promotes cooperation between its members and represents both the interests of participating towns and cities and industrial partners in political circles. In addition it organises a wide range of activities for schools, universities and other establishments designed to kindle the younger generation’s enthusiasm for space as well as convincing citizens of the importance of such activities and the necessity of maintaining Europe’s independent access to space via its own launchers.

Visit CVA website 


European Institute for Industrial Leadership


The European Institute for Industrial Leadership (EIIL) helps industrial companies to attract, retain and develop their next generation leaders. Together with its global network of members, partners and individuals the EIIL researches issues these leaders will face in their workplace of the future. Knowledge is generated by research consortia and shared within an active network through conferences and developmental workshops.

 Visit EIIL website

GMC (Global Management Challenge)EDUopinions4

The Global Management Challenge, GMC, is the largest Strategy and Management Competition in the world. It’s the largest international event based on business simulations, in which more than 650 000 university students and company managers participating in this event throughout the world.

GMC  consists of a Management Simulation in which each team runs a Company, with the objective of getting the highest Investment Performance.

Visit GMC website


Informal Forum of Student Organizations


Informal Forum of International Student Organizations (IFISO) is a forum for international officers of non-political, non-profit and student-run organizations. This network is consisted of 27 student organizations and counts over 2 million students.

Participations have been made to different soft skill trainings, Fundraising Workshops and brainstorming sessions about Internal Training Systems, grants, internal structure and possible collaborations.

 Visit IFISO website



International Space University


The International Space University (ISU) is a university dedicated to the discovery, research, and development of outer space exploration for peaceful purposes, through international and multidisciplinary education and research programs. It is a not-for-profit interdisciplinary university founded in 1987 that offers a Master of Science in Space Studies (MSS) in addition to the flagship Space Studies Program (SSP), a professional development program that has convened annually every summer since 1988 at various locations around the world.

 Visit ISU website



International STEM Awards


International STEM Awards is an international platform that offers young people the opportunity to show their talent, cultivate their passion for the topics STE(A)M (Science, Technology, Engineering (Arts) and Maths), enhance their skills in an international community.

It is the first platform aimed at young people aged 7 to 25 years at a global level with the aim of collecting and promoting in a single container projects that despite being carried out by young people with different skills and ages, address challenging issues in a logic of sharing and contamination.

 Visit ISU website





The latest postgraduate program developed by ITAerea as part of the alliance with UNITAR (United Nations) and CIFAL Merida is the Master in Sustainable Air Transport Management.

This program has as objective the development and integral capacitance in the matter of air transport to fulfill the 17 objectives of sustainable development of the 2030 agenda. The master gives the students a global and sustainable vision that will allow them to manage and lead air transport companies. For more info, click here


Visit ITAérea website




Network of European Regions Using Space Technologies, is an initiative by regions from all over Europe. Emphasis is placed on the use of space technologies; the network aims to explore the benefits of space technologies for regions and their citizens and to spread their applications. NEREUS is a strong voice for the regional dimension of European Space Policy and programs as well as end-user needs.

During the IB Physical Meeting in Brussels, a fruitful meeting has been held between IB and NEREUS Board. Both parties informed each other about their current status and goals; possible collaborations were discussed and

parties agreed on trying to attend each other’s events and support each other with publications.

Visit NEREUS website




NEREUSPEGASUS is the partnership of the best European aerospace universities and currently has 28 members in 11 different European countries. Today more than 2000 aeronautical engineers graduate from the member institutions of PEGASUS each year.

The objective of PEGASUS is to offer highly relevant educational and research programmes and thereby attracting the best students and scientists. Co-ordinated change, exchange of staff and students and innovation will be required to achieve these objectives.

Visit PEGASUS website




The partnership with Qreer.com was strengthened with renewed visibility of EUROAVIA on the Qreer.com website and the EUROAVIA profile in their newsletter.

Qreer.com on the other hand will get more exposure in our newsletter. In the future, it would be a significant leap forward if individual job opportunities could be shared with specific groups of members for whom a particular vacancy could be interesting. The feasibility of this will be checked by the ITWG during their next physical meeting.

Visit Qreer website



SpaceBoard is a unique online platform which aims to connect all the people involved in the space network. Young professionals, students, academics and space industry representatives will get the opportunity to interact with each other.

The involvement in the SpaceBoard network will also allow EUROAVIA International to be more visible in the space field and strengthen our position as association within the field. EUROAVIA will be able to promote their events to the entire space community of SpaceBoard and raise awareness of our activities.

Within the SpaceBoard platform, a EUROAVIA private member platform will be created which will allow our members to create accounts and have interactive discussions or Q&A sessions with the remaining network as well as the other EUROAVIA members.

A stronger collaboration has been established by the first half of the Business Year 2016-2017. Webpage: www.spaceboard.eu

Visit SpaceBoard website




StudyPortals is set as the Global Study Choice Platform. It was founded to solve student problems regarding where to continue their studies. StudyPortals wants to inform and help students to choose the most suitable place to study depending on their profiles as well as increasing the accessibility to education.

EUROAVIA and StudyPortals made a written agreement where both would advertise each other. Since AMEAC 2016, the IB responsible has been able to establish again a fluent communication with them.

EUROAVIA has published several articles on its Newsletter giving its members the chance of getting to know StudyPortals more in detail, as well as the programs they offer.

Finally, a new Point of Contact from StudyPortals has been set, and we are now establishing the communication flow again, willing to continue the work done months before.

Visit StudyPortals website


Think Young


ThinkYoung is the first think tank that focuses on young people. It was founded in 2007 and has expanded to have offices in Brussels, Geneva, Madrid and Hong Kong. It is a not-for-profit organisation, with the aim of making the world a better place for young people, by involving them in decision making processes and by providing decision makers with high quality research on key issues affecting young people. ThinkYoung conducts studies and surveys, makes documentary movies, writes policy proposals and develops education programmes..

Visit Think Young website




SEDS (Students for the Exploration and Development of Space) is an international student organization that empowers young people to participate and make an impact in space exploration. SEDS helps students develop their technical and leadership skills by providing opportunities to manage and participate in national projects as well as to attend conferences, publish their workshop and develop their professional network.

A Memorandum of Understanding currently defines the level of relationship between EUROAVIA and UKSEDS which is the United Kingdom of the global SEDS movement.

The main point of the agreement are as it follows:

· EUROAVIA an UKSEDS shall provide display space for the other organizations free of charge at their respective national conferences and congresses;

· UKSEDS shall provide discounted conference admission for registered EUROAVIA members to its national conference;

· UKSEDS and EUROAVIA partner to share advices and agreed-upon contacts for the benefit of mutual initiatives, networking opportunities and strategic goals. 

Visit UKSEDS website



Valispace is a digital productivity tool that helps your engineering team share up to date dynamic data quickly and easily.


Designed by engineers for engineers, Valispace is an intuitive browser-based software that integrates seamlessly into your existing tool landscape. Valispace aims to radically streamline the engineering process of hardware projects. This will enable small teams to design highly complex systems fast and cheap and big teams to build things which seem like magic to us today.

Visit Valispace website







YouthProAktiv is an organisation that aims to help young individuals to get prepared and equipped with the necessary skills to make their step into their professional lives.

The main event of this organization is the ProAktivitySummit which is the annual conference of the association and which takes place at both local & international level. The international level takes place every year in Brussels and young people are encouraged to speak about problems and news concerning the young generation such as youth unemployment, youth entrepreneurship, start-ups, innovation and new trends in business. This is a 3-4 days conference compiling roundtables with experts in different fields. It also includes workshops where participants can improve their practical skills, networking lunches & dinners and many different types of events.

EUROAVIA wants to take part in this event that will happen in fall 2017. The relationship between this organization for young people and our association has to be strengthened as both organizations aim at the same people at the same time.

Visit YouthProActive website


Zero 2 Infinity


Zero 2 Infinity is a private Spanish company that designs and operates high-altitude balloons to provide access to near space and low Earth orbit using a balloon-borne pod and a balloon-borne launcher.

The company was founded in 2009 by aeronautical engineer Jose Mariano López-Urdiales, the current CEO. It is headquartered in Barberà del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain.

Zero 2 Infinity has been testing high-altitude balloons and launching small payloads to high altitudes for scientific institutions and commercial firms for testing elements above most of the Earth's atmosphere. Their launch system has a significantly lower impact on the environment, an advantage over conventional systems.

Mission is “Enable people with a project and a passion to place themselves above the Earth in order to collect rich data, take high definition images, manage communications and more, much more”.

Zero2Infinity currently has two projects in development:

  • Bloostar: a balloon-borne launcher for carrying payloads such as small, micro, and nanosatellites to orbit, based on rockoon technology.
  • Bloon: a balloon-borne zero emission craft for launching crewed vehicles to near space for scientific research, educational and also space tourism purposes.

Visit Zero 2 Infinity website

Careers International


EUROAVIA’s main goal is to connect its members to the companies for providing them with new opportunities. Careers International is an international portal whose aim is to bring together employers and talented individuals. Their experience and effectiveness have made them the preferred partner for many global companies and professionals when it comes to building a network and researching new opportunities.

 Their consultants and project leaders have extensive experience in international recruitment and operate a worldwide network of universities, students & alumni associations and professional bodies.

Their core team is based in Brussels (Belgium). For more information, visit their webpage.

Visit Careers website

Messe Berlin

EUROAVIA is in need of strengthening its network and to increase its presence to become aMesseBerlinn essential partner for the industry. The collaboration with Messe Berlin allows EUROAVIA to participate in the ILA Berlin Airshow where the association is able to meet company representatives and present the organization to the participants.

Messe Berlin has been organizing international trade fairs and congresses since 1822. They organize more than 100 regional, national and international in-house and gest events each year. They are settled in Berlin and EUROAVIA would like to invite you to check their website for more information. 

Visit Messe Berlin website

European Wind Energy MasterEWEM

In collaboration with the TU Delft EUROAVIA collaborates with the European Wind Energy Master. The European Wind Energy Master (EWEM) aims to educate at least 50-60 MSc graduates per year, covering the top 0.5% global demand of Wind Energy professionals with post-graduate education.

EWEM is a 2 year (120 ECTS) master course. The joint first semester and the specific multi-disciplinary and project-oriented teaching will give the student the ability to transfer knowledge and competences beyond his/her specialisation and to embed design choices in a sociotechnical context. The student acquires knowledge in theoretical and applied sciences underlying wind energy systems, and specific competencies necessary to operate in the chosen area of specialization.

The EWEM prepares graduates for a career in research, both in industry and in academia, and is closely linked to the partners’ research, in particular the large wind energy PhD cohort of the four partner universities, of over 130 PhD students.

EWEM proceeds with support of the Erasmus Mundus programme of the European Union.

Visit EWEM website

European Confederation of Junior Enterprises


A Junior Enterprise is a non-profit organization, formed and managed exclusively by students of higher education, which realize projects, in relations to their fields of studies, for companies. They apply their theoretical knowledge on real problems of the market, develop their entrepreneurial skills by running the association and benefit from the guidance of teachers and professionals. Junior Enterprises are similar to real companies, counting with the principles of corporate governance like management council and executive board.

Visit JEE website

Space Tech Expo Europe

Space Tech Expo

In its third year, Space Tech Expo Europe will be returning to Bremen - a centre of space excellence. The exhibition is Europe's premier B2B Space engineering event for spacecraft, satellite, launch vehicle and space related technologies and draws attendance from thousands of industry leaders, decision makers, engineers, specifiers and buyers to meet manufacturers and the supply chain for civil, military and commercial space.
Strategically positioned in Central Europe, Bremen is a city of aerospace excellence. Space Tech Expo Europe is the continent's major dedicated supply-chain and engineering event for manufacturing, design, test and engineering services for spacecraft, subsystems and space-qualified components.

Visit Space Tech Expo website


Heinkel Group

Heinkel Group

Heinkel Group consist of Engineering, Experts & Consulting. Heinkel Group works with over 100 experts in the areas of structural engineering and construction, acoustics, 3D printing and scientific programming. Heinkel Experts can provide qualified personnel for commercial and industrial sectors nation-wide. Heinkel Consulting supports SMEs in their strategy development, the establishment of a company board and provides project manager and interim manager

Visit Heinkel Group website

Space Renaissance International

SRI logo

Space Renaissance is a new, global philosophy, having its basic ground on Earth, and its natural development in the extraterrestrial space. Space Renaissance International is a global philosophical association, our founding concepts are New Humanism and Astro-Humanism. They look at the past Renaissance (1500) as an inspiration for patronage and capability to aim high, and to make great projects by means of good will and mutual cooperation. Space Renaissance International arises as a spontaneous union of people, sensitive to the development and practical experimentation of an open world philosophy, including the Earth and the entire Solar System. SRI is an international astronautical-humanist organization, in the service of all peoples and all regions of the world, dedicated to raising the awareness that the human expansion into space is vital for the sustainability of present civilization and its growth, especially for the survival of life itself.  

Membership registration (https://spacerenaissance.space/membership/) is available at national chapters and at international level, where chapters are not yet active

Visit Space Reinaissance website

German Aerospace Industries Association


 The German Aerospace Industries Association (BDLI) is the primary industry representative. Our members come from a wide rangeof companies active in all aspects of the sector. As the voice of the industry, we encourage our members to engage in dialogue with political institutions, authorities, trade associations and governmental bodies. As trademark owner and co-organiser of one of the world’s leading aviation events, the ILA Berlin Air Show provides members with a high-profile international platform that showcases the best in the industry.

Visit BDLI website

International Events

EUROAVIA organizes speacial conferences/events for their members all around the world. Any member of any Affiliated Society can attend those events,  and they help to enhance the bonds between  members all across the world.

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In EUROAVIA we believe in the European spirit of friendship and collaboration. We cultivate a truly international atmosphere across our Association, and we value the diversity and the passion of our members as our greatest resources.

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