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Second semester review for AS Pisa

In the second semester EUROAVIA Pisa organised lots of great events! At the beginning of April we visited the branch of Leonardo located in Campi Bisenzio, Florence.  Leonardo is a multinational corporation, mainly located in Italy but with branches in UK, USA, Poland and other countries. It was born from the fusion of many Italian and British factories, and the one of Campi Bisenzio was the oldest one –it was founded in 1864!


Rocket Workshop and a new Local Board in Sevilla


With this intense month of June just starting, begins in Sevilla a period of change. The last weeks of this marvellous year in our AS have been marked by the launch and testing of the EUROAVIA Sevilla Rocket Workshop. With the presence of members of the CVA broadcasting staff, we made sure that this activity would reach as engineering students as possible, while stimulating the younger ones to invest themselves in aerospace studies.


Lovely news from India!


It is an absolute pleasure for us to share with all of you the achievements of EUROAVIA LPU in our begining.

Firstly, let us introduce you our team. EUROAVIA LPU is led by Suraj Patil, Vishal Singh, Rajat Kulkarni, Rajkumar Khorwal, and Mahima Chaudhary. All of them are students of Aerospace Engineering from Lovely Professional University. Under the guidance of their Head of Department, they have come out with a really good performance as a team.

In our first months, we have organised two events: HORSEPOWER and Paperika, both of which have had close to 100 participants from their university alone.



Game of Drones: The review


this year EUROAVIA Napoli prepared something special for the associates, the first Drone Workshop (DroWo) in the history of EUROAVIA: Game Of Drones.

The adventure started more than one year ago, as the idea was conceived even before the last year’s workshop was concluded. But the DroWo’s real shape was clear only in October, when three new figures came up to help the Local Board: Luca Miele, Lorenzo Pucci and Andrea Detry from the Mechanical Engineering faculty.

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