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"Femme STEM“ – March 2023 from AS Zagreb

 On the occasion of International Women's Day, EUROAVIA Zagreb, a student association, organized an event called "Femme STEM". The event aimed to promote women's participation and achievements in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields. The event saw participation from 10 successful women from academia and industry and 40 female students from 7 different faculties.


Preparation for the SAE Aero Design 2023 competition – AS Rzeszow

Back in September 2022, our team analyzed the SAE Aero Design competition rules and came up with a general concept of an UAV. Due to aerodynamics laws, we chose the best option which was flying wing configuration. Afterwards, we performed the aerodynamics analysis which gave our unmanned aircraft its final shape. Simultaneously, we did some research about electric engines and other components. We were trained and improved our model-making skills.


Is it safer to be in a plane than a car? from AM Zewail City

A majority of people would prefer driving a car rather than riding a plane, due to the vivid perception that a plane would be more hazardous than a plane. Planes and cars actually have a lot in common more than you think. You probably still think that anyone would be insane if they think a plane is safer than a car. Let’s see if you’d change your mind after the following statistics.


EUROAVIA Oostende goes Toulouse

 From the 19th until the 23rd of February EUROAVIA Oostende visited Toulouse, France.

Sunday afternoon 31 excited EUROAVIA Oostende members got together at the Brussels Airport Zaventem departure hall. We flew with an A319 piloted by none other than our professor Mr. Haeck. After a short two hours we landed in Toulouse, we got settled at our hotel and went to explore the city by night.


Guest Lecture: Flight Testing of Control Systems for UAVs - AS Munich

 On Monday 23/01/2023 EUROAVIA Munich had the pleasure to invite Amazilia Aerospace GmbH to our campus in Garching. In a guest lecture Dr.-Ing. Simon Schatz, head of Flight Controls, talked about flight tests of control systems for UAVs to about 30 interested students of TUM. Afterwards there was a small networking session accompanied by some snacks.

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