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Danica Tomić, the first female pilot in Serbia from AS Beograd

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Danica Tomić was born in Dalj. Unfortunately, there is no exact data on the year of birth, some think it’s around 1901, however this should be taken with a grain of salt. She married the commander of the 6th aviation regiment, Miodrag Tomić. Famous for his heroism during the Balkan Wars and the First World War, as he was the one who made the first combat flight during the First World War, at the very beginning of the Battle of Cers in 1914.


It is said that his passion for aviation had a profound influence on Danica Tomić. So, it is of no surprise that in 1930, when an advertisement of the "Society of Reserve Pilots" was published in the Politika newspaper for the admission of new members to the civil pilot school in Belgrade, Danica was intrigued. Her husband supported her decision to apply for the competition, and besides her, only two other ladies applied, Zagorka Plećević and Kristina Gorišek. Danica Tomić proved to be significantly more skilled than the rest.

While she was taking the practical part, the commission was delighted with her skills. She left everyone present speechless when she soared into the sky in a biplane and reached a height of 2,500 meters. Then, with lupines, she directed herself towards the ground. When the time for the final part of her performance came, the sun had already set. However, this was no problem for her. She performed the flight without any problems. After passing the exam and becoming the first female pilot in Serbia, Danica Tomić also became the second woman in the world with a pilot's license. Raymond de Laroche got her license 18 years earlier.

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With her persistence, knowledge and support of her husband, Danica Tomić was the first female pilot in the former Yugoslavia and the Balkans. However, Danica's ambition did not end only with occasional flights, as in August 1933 she passed the exam for a tourist pilot and thus became the first woman in Yugoslavia with a flying permit.

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