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How to Assign group delegation for your Distribution List members

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Group delegation for your Distribution List members enables them to send e-mails as representing the whole group (AS/WG), like in the example in the delagation1picture below. I this tutorial we will show you request to delegate emails, and how to send delegated emails.

How to do it:
1. Please fill a ticket at helpdesk.euroavia.eu, in which you specify which of the members of your distribution list should delegate your group
2. After the IT WG confirmation that they solved your ticket, you and your fellow members will be able to send e-mails as representing you


r group.

3. Now, as you are able to send delegated e-mail, go to your Office356 email inbox. Let's write a new e-mail

4. To delegate an email, you must enable the "From:" field. To do it, go to the settings( three bullets sign) and click on 'Show From' menu item. Now you will be able to see the From field. There is your personal e-mail address

5. Right click on your personal e-mail address -> Remove. Then type the address of the assigned distribution list of the group you would like to represent.

6. Done! Now you can write the e-mail and sent it as the group.




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