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Is it safer to be in a plane than a car? from AM Zewail City

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A majority of people would prefer driving a car rather than riding a plane, due to the vivid perception that a plane would be more hazardous than a plane. Planes and cars actually have a lot in common more than you think. You probably still think that anyone would be insane if they think a plane is safer than a car. Let’s see if you’d change your mind after the following statistics.

First of all, to make the argument fair. I would consider the difference between the statistics of dying in a car crash rather than crashing in general, as it would be harshly unfair to compare a car crash to an airplane crash. The odds of dying in a car crash were 1.34 in a one million chance in 2020. To make it more visual, it is less than a 0.1% chance of dying in a car crash

However, the probability of a fatal airplane crash is a 0.23 in a million chance. Which would be considered a huge difference compared to the statistics of a car crash. According to Air
Transport Association (IATA), there was just a singular crash per 7.7 million flights in 2021. The chances probably differ whether you’re flying commercial or charter. It is believed that a commercial flight would be safer than a charter flight, due to the fact that a charter flight would be controlled by a private pilot.

In conclusion, statistics show that a plane flight would be heavily safer rather than a car drive. It’s a matter of preference. If you prefer a safer flight, fly commercial. However, if you’re comfortable with the statistics and you would like something else with a slight prospect, you can always fly charter which would also be safer than a car drive.

Ali Nazeer - AM Zewail City




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