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Summer Update 2023 from AS Napoli

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Hello, fellow EUROAVIAns, and happy August.

I want to start this newsletter by introducing myself: Hi, I’m Niccolò Faggiani and I’ve been freshly elected as the new IEM in EUROAVIA Napoli and I’ll be your point of reference for every newsletter from now on from the city of pizza.

Inside our Local Board July has always been a special month, it’s when we try to share the amazing EUROAVIA experience with as many new people as possible. The event that attracts many people, it’s the widely anticipated and the first fully organized event by the new DLB: “Il Battesimo dell’Aria” literally translated as the “Air Initiation”.


On July 28th in a beautiful aeroclub in proximity of the city of Benevento, more than 30 members have had the chance to fly (and drive!) an ultralight aircraft with the help of an experienced pilot.

You can imagine how excited everyone was and we were even able to share an ice cold can of RedBull thanks to our partnership with them.

But a Battesimo dell’Aria isn’t a real Battesimo dell’Aria without our gorgeous barbecue and a delicious lunch with everyone, pilots included. And let’s be honest, with the extreme heat of Southern Italy in July, grilling is no easy task.


But probably for us, the most important thing is that for the whole day, many girls and guys who maybe had never met before, spent a day together, flying, playing games, and sharing the same passion that is the true heart of an association like EUROAVIA Napoli.

On the other hand, August is never a month where we organize many events, and this year was no exception.

We mainly focused on team building for the new Local Board, since we truly believe that only a group of friends that have the same dreams and goals, that can understand the other person point of view without judging and jumping to conclusion, can run this association in the best way possible.

But still, there has been one amazing occasion for us: the Airbus Sloshing Workshop 2023.

As many of you know this is a competition in Belgrade in which teams are required to design a low-cost reusable rocket, which is destabilized by the movement of water stored in an unpressurised tank.

Representing EUROAVIA Napoli, our team AIRSloths, composed of Maria Mattiello, Pierluca De Felice, Gabriele Salomone, Maria Giulia Monti, Vincenzo Junior Di Rosa and Piercarlo Mirto conquered an amazing first place and we couldn’t be more proud of them.

Finally, I just wanted to thank every member of the 2022/2023 LB for the amazing job they have done, for every moment together, for every event, from the smallest to the biggest, we have always found a way to overcome every obstacle in a way or another, not without fighting, but always in the best interest of our members.

And especially I wanted to give a shout-out to those who decided they had given everything to the Association and have chosen to pass the baton to the new members:

  • Pasquale Scutiero, our president, our leader;
  • Maria Mattiello, our secretary, the person you could always count on for every little problem;
  • Rossana Tortale, our ICM, the girl who has found an incredible amount of sponsorship and partnership with her Business Relation Department without which we couldn’t have organized more then half of our events;
  • Lucia Ruocco, our IEM who probably broke every record for newsletter sent in a year and lead with Erika Aucelli the Graphics & Communication Department, which gave us the most beautiful posters and posts in the whole university.
  • Erika Aucelli, our SMM, as said before leader of the G&C department and one of the most organized person in the Association with her great social plan that granted us an amazing amount of followers on social media.
  • And last but not least Pierluca De Felice our webmaster, the man who fought japanese and indonesian hackers who wanted our site and won.

They will always be with us, but I really  wanted to do this because with their help we had one of the most memorable and event packed year of recent times.

I think I can speak for every member of EUROAVIA Napoli,

Thank you guys, from the bottom of our heart.

AS Napoli

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