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Update from AS Napoli - March 2023

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Hello, fellow EUROAVIAns, long time no see - or read in this case!

We have some exciting news to share with all of you: past and upcoming events, new and thrilling projects, and astonishing collaborations. So far, 2023 has been an exciting year, and we cannot wait to see what is yet to come, and bring you all with us!

First and foremost, after a new round of Elections, due to some internal rearrangements, it is with great pride and joy that we officially present you the Local Board of EUROAVIA Napoli for the year 2022/23:

  • President: Pasquale Scutiero
  • Secretary: Maria Mattiello
  • Treasurer: Niccolò Faggiani
  • International Contact Member: Rossana Tortale
  • International Editor Member: Lucia Ruocco
  • Social Media Manager: Erika Aucelli
  • Webmaster: Pierluca De Felice
  • Executive Members: Corrado D’Urso, Fabrizio Esposito, Giuseppe Feniello, Leonardo Zolli

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Truth be told, we can undoubtfully say that we had a rocky start, but this group is now solid and stronger than ever, and ready to face everything that this Association Year has to give!

This year, we are seeing everything double - starting with the Company Visits, we had the pleasure to be guests in not one but two of the most important companies in Italy. 

In January, before walking on new paths, we decided to return to one of our favourite places in our territory: we visited the CIRA, the renowned Italian Aerospace Research Center. 

Here, we got to experience first-hand the impact that our local realities have on the Aerospace Field. We saw all their facilities, including the Medium Scale Vacuum Chamber, the Icing Wind Tunnel, and the Plasma Wind Tunnel, the world's largest and most powerful hypersonic, high enthalpy, low-pressure arc-jet facility in operation!

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Then, just a couple of days ago, we went on a field trip to AVIOAdvanced Vision into Orbit. It is one of the leading companies in space propulsion based in Colleferro, Rome. It was the most amazing experience, starting on the bus trip and all the way to the facilities, seeing with our own eyes how they realize the Vega, the ESA’s satellite launch vehicle designed to send small payloads into Low Earth Orbit, and the newest versions, Vega-C and Vega-E.

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Furthermore, we established a new collaboration with Città della Scienza, a famous science museum in our city. Thanks to their "Appuntamento in Via Lattea" (Date in the Milky Way), we got to participate in two stargazing events in their Planetary, respectively on Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day. Here we had live music, immersive experiences, and telescopic observations. Who said engineers cannot be social as well? The next one is supposed to be on the 20th of April, to gather during the hybrid solar eclipse.

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We also went double or nothing with our Workshops! February meant Business for our members: at the end of the month, we hosted our first Workshop of the year: some keywords for this event are Curriculum, Job Opportunities, and Interviews! Thanks to the company that helped us co-organize this event, Experis, we had the pleasure of hosting some experts that explained to our members how to write a professional CV. But as you all know, in any self-respecting Workshop, more than just theoretical lessons, it is also required a practical session where the participants can put themselves to the test. Hence, the Interview Simulations and Speed Interviews with our Sponsors! 

Then, our annual technical Workshop for 2023 is finally here: CO.R.E. Coding Rocket Event! It consists in a competition where the participants will be divided into five teams to realize a model rocket implemented with Core Boards, Arduino, and Mathlab.

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Can you feel the heat? It will take place next month, as soon as our jury panel is complete - part of our Board is going to Bremen to represent AS Napoli in the next EMEAC.

We can't wait to tell you how it goes and to meet some of you there!

Until next time,

AS Napoli


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